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Azrieli Group is group of companies that is comprised of Israel’s leading nationwide chain of income-producing properties (shopping malls and offices); Granite HaCarmel (100%) with subsidiaries in the energy, water and environment industries (Sonol, Supergas and GES); 20% of credit card company Leumi Card; and 4.8% holdings in Bank Leumi Le-Israel Ltd.
Mr. David Azrieli, the renowned entrepreneur, architect and businessman was the founder of the Group. The Azrieli family hold 55% of the Group, and the Azrieli Foundations (Canada and Israel) hold 20% of the Group.

Ms. Danna Azrieli is the Group chairman. The Group’s CEO is Mr. Yuval Bronstein.

The Group held an IPO in June 2010, raising approx. NIS 2.5 billion making it the largest-ever IPO on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Group is included in the Tel Aviv 25 index, which covers the twenty five largest companies on the Israel Stock Exchange, and is the only Israeli Company included in the EPRA indices.

Azrieli Group – 30 Years of Solidity and Professionalism

Azrieli Group has earned an excellent reputation in the market through its core management, which is known for its professionalism and extensive experience. The Group is led by Ms. Danna Azrieli, the Group's chairman. Mr. Yuval Bronstein as the Group's CEO; Arnon Toren as CEO of Azrieli Malls and Deputy to the CEO; Irit Sekler-Philisof as the Group’s CFO; Ofer Avram as CMO and Manager of the Azrieli Center; and Israel Keren as CEO of provident funds Gemel and Otzma.

Azrieli Group’s Real Estate Properties

Azrieli Group owns a total leasable area of approx.875,000 sqm, with approx. 507,500 sqm under construction.

The company solely owns fourteen shopping malls in Israel: Ayalon Mall, Azrieli Mall (Tel Aviv), Negev Mall, Jerusalem Mall, Holon Mall, Hod Hasharon Mall, Herzliya Outlet, Modi'in Mall, Or Yehuda Outlet, Givatayim Mall, Haifa Mall, Ramla Mall, Akko Mall and Kiryat Ata Mall. 

Additionally, Azrieli Group wholly owns the largest real estate projects in Israel – Azrieli Center in Tel Aviv characterized by three office towers (round, triangular and square) and a shopping mall; the Herzliya Business Park complex with eight office towers and an outlet commercial center; the Modi'in City Center office and residence project accompanied by the Modi'in Mall.
Azrieli Group also owns three industrial buildings in the Caesarea Industrial Park, and the Science and Technology Park in Petach Tikva. Azrieli Group owns properties under construction throughout Israel, including commercial asset
s in Tel Aviv, Rishon LeZion, Holon etc...

The company holds approx. 187,000 sqm of mixed-use gross leasable area overseas. These assets are primarily located in Houston, Texas.
Real estate outside of Israel accounts for approx. 10% of the fair value of income producing real estate and properties under development (consolidated).

Projects under Constructon 

In 2010, construction commenced on Azrieli Center Holon project (Phase A1 completed in 2013) and the Group is planing to complete Phase B at the end of 2015.

In 2012 construction also begun at  Rishonim project (mixed use commercial space and offices) in Rishon LeZion, and in 2013 construction begun of the second floor at the Ayalon Mall, which is recognized as the first mall in Israel.

The Azrieli Group's flagship project under development is Azrieli Center Sarona, located in central Tel-Aviv. This is a mixed-use project with a build-up area of approx. 121.5 thousand sqm, with an estimated investment of approx. NIS 1.5 billion.

In November 2012, the Group acquired land in Tel Aviv measuring 75,000 sqm (GLA) for NIS 240 million. The additional investment under construction is projected to be NIS 700 million. The space will be used to build another mixed use commercial project. 

Azrieli Group – Financial and Business Strength

The two leading companies in the Azrieli Group (Azrieli Group Ltd. and Canit Hashalom Investments Ltd.) enjoy exceptional financial strength. Azrieli Group Ltd. (formerly Canit Investments Management and Finance Ltd.) was rated ilAA+ and assigned a ‘Stable outlook’ by S&P-Maalot credit rating agency, and Aa1 by Moody's-Midroog.
The notable positioning of the Group, its strength and quality, is reflected in the high ratings achieved as the result of the following factors (as determined by the rating reports):
* Best quality income-producing assets group in Israel
* Over 30 years of income-producing real estate activity in Israel
* Israel’s leading and best quality commercial centers
* High asset value
* Broad geographic and tenant diversification
* Close to 100% occupancy in the company’s properties in Israel
* Conservative financial policies – consistent low leverage and high liquidity
* High-quality, solid and professional management with extensive experience in the company’s areas of activity

Azrieli Group – Energy, Ecology and Water Activities

Azrieli Group controls Granite HaCarmel holding company (100%), which operates in the energy, water and building finishing sectors. Main holdings include Sonol, Supergas and GES, all of which are veteran companies in the Israeli economy and market leaders in their fields. Through its holdings in these companies, Granite HaCarmel carries on the following business: a network of gas station complexes (Sonol); trade, marketing and distribution of refined oil (Supergas) and water desalination, wastewater purification and sludge treatment facilities (GES).

Azrieli Group – Contribution to the Community

David Azrieli (C.M., CC.Q., M.Arch), RIP, Founder and Chairman of the Group, was a generous philanthropist who donates to a variety of causes and public institutions through the Azrieli Foundation, and other copmpanies controlled by him and private channels.
The Azrieli Foundation is a Canadian philanthropic organization established by David Azrieli himself, with the principal mission of supporting program initiatives that promote education and excellence in various fields, particularly in Israel.
The Foundation focuses mainly on supporting higher education, promoting architectural excellence, supporting medical and scientific education and research, preventing junior high school dropout and bridging of social gaps, supporting education in Jewish communities, promoting Holocaust education research and commemoration, promoting higher education for adults with developmental disabilities, and promoting excellence in music and the arts.

  Azrieli Group is a member of EPRA


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